Family-Run, Family-Feel

Tuesday, 19 July 2016
Our National Sales Manager, Bryce Faydherbe de Maudave, discusses what it means to work with a family-run business.

Domus was formed in 1961 and has proudly remained a 100% Australian owned and family-run business. That family focus has remained as we continue to grow, now being known as one of Australia’s leading distributors of LED lighting to the Electrical Wholesale and Lighting Retail distribution channels. We are committed to retaining the original culture of Domus to help us to deliver the best quality to our customers.

In a product sense, maintaining our family culture means that, unlike large businesses or huge corporations, we’re able to make immediate product decisions to deliver innovative products to our customers again and again. Being able to improve on our offering as needed, rather than going through long processes means that stockists are selling the best product on the market in its newest and most innovative form, and that buyers are receiving the best value for their money. We always strive to provide our customers with quality products, and our family-run business and team allows us to do that, benefitting our clients. When you deal with a genuinely family-run business it’s not always about the money. For us it is about building long-standing relationships and repeat business, as distributors and home owners know we deliver. For us it is about dividing the market, offering great products that are affordable, and passing on our experience and knowledge which allows us to continuously innovate and improve our offering.

Domus always has and always will be family owned, and we want to hang on to that family feel for our customers. Our culture impacts upon how we work together as a team, increasing efficiency and output. The team here gets to feel like we are a part of the Domus family. The sense of genuine comradery makes everyone on the team happier and even more willing to jump in and do their job, being on the front foot for customers and dealing with issues before they arise.  Amazingly we don’t even get sick of each other, we spend time together after work and even on weekends. Our team spirit can be felt as soon as you walk through the door, which certainly makes the work week something none of us dread.

This welcoming feel extends outside of our team, with delivery drivers joining us for coffee and chatting away, regular stockists and customers dropping in to give us updates on products they love or ideas they have. The word ‘Domus’ means home, and the company has done a pretty great job of creating that feel over the years. Our culture has grown organically as our team has been led by example from our original founders and passed on from the top. Culture at Domus is never something we sit down and have meetings about, it just is how it is. We’re fortunate to have put together a team that continues that tradition.

Working with a long-standing family-run business, one that is genuinely committed to maintaining that team comradery and instilling their passion into what they do, will always be of benefit to its customers, whether they are large-scale distributors or a home-owner. To me it doesn’t just mean coming to work and having a great day with a real team (although that is true!), working with a family-run business means you’re getting the best service and best products available.