How to Get Your Kitchen Looking its Brightest

Wednesday, 10 August 2016
The kitchen is often the ‘heart’ of your home; it is the busy centre where everyone converges at the end of the day, or rushes through at the beginning.

It’s the space in which you cook for your family, telling stories and creating memories.

This area is often cast aside as being merely for function and ranks well below the lounge room and bedrooms when designing your interior, but a well-lit kitchen designed to meet your family’s needs will help create a space you want to be in; whether you love to cook or prefer to store takeout menus in the oven.

kitchen lighting

When it comes to designing your kitchen space, natural light is the major winner during the day. Big open windows with an open plan style is the best choice when it comes to designing a bright, welcoming kitchen. However, as most time spent in the kitchen is often at night (the dinner rush!), it’s important to pay extra attention when choosing your lighting fixtures and placement. Start by asking these simple questions; 

Are you a “Passionate Cook” or a “Sometimes Chef”?

Know how and when you use your kitchen to determine what your needs are. Do you need brighter lights to create detailed desserts or is a comfortable lowlight enough to dish up your delivered Thai food?

What is your design idea for your kitchen? Modern or rustic? Industrial or commercial?

Developing a clear style before you make any purchases (and remembering it while you shop) will help keep you on track. Think about how the kitchen space will relate to the rest of your home and what you want to achieve – are you trying to highlight certain areas? Increase functionality?

What size space do you have?

If your space is limited, getting the best out of your kitchen lighting is made simple. Avoid over-lighting the space or filling it with too much product, and cut down on your bench space clutter. If the space feels too vast and empty, use comfortable light temperatures and careful placement to increase that ‘homey’ feel.

What colour temperature do you aspire to?

The lighting you choose will play a big part in the ‘feel’ of your kitchen. Careful thought must go into the size of the space versus the colour temperature. Very bright colours will ultimately make a space feel open and workable where as a very dull or dim colour temperature will close off the space.

Downlights, Tracks or Pendants?

Downlights are always a very popular choice in the kitchen to create a modern yet comfortable space. Our modern range are almost hidden in the ceiling, an unobtrusive design that can help make the most of your space. Pendant lighting might be more your style if you want to create a dramatic lighting scheme.

Island or Breakfast Bar?

Small/medium kitchen islands can be illuminated with simple pendants such as our Domus Pandora Range. These small yet stylish pendants will provide the adequate lighting solution to any small/medium kitchen island or breakfast bar. Take note of what you are illuminating to better draw attention to it or increase its use.

Back it up in style?

Whatever style you choose, we say “Back It”! LED strip lighting under cupboards or in splash backs adds to your lighting fit out in a simple, modern way to create the perfect kitchen space.

Whether you are aiming to create a bright, modern space or a comfortable, relaxing family area, lighting is key to bringing together your design elements and developing the perfect space for your needs. We would love to help you design the “Recipe” for your perfect kitchen – visit our website for design ideas and contact us to get started!